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The Bible Society in Cambodia

Mission & Vision

The Bible Society in Cambodia was established in Cambodia since 1968. Our mandate is to achieve the widest possible, effective distribution of the Holy Scriptures in appropriate formats, in a language that is easy to understand, and at affordable prices.

We are a committed Christian staff dedicated to delivering God’s Word in Cambodia, with a focus on translating, publishing, distributing and encouraging people to interact with the Scripture. We aim to serve the whole Christian community, especially all who can be persuaded to accept and engage with the Bible. We work closely with churches and the community to serve all denominations.

Brief History

The Bible Society’s activities started in Cambodia in 1892, with frequent visits from the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFSB) based in Hong Kong. The first Gospel in Cambodian language (Khmer), Luke’s gospel was published in 1899.  When missionaries from C&MA arrived in Cambodia in 1923, they started working on Bible translation in Khmer. The first Khmer Bible was published by BFBS in 1954.

The Bible Society office was set up in Phnom Penh in 1956, and the national office, Société Biblique Cambodgienne, founded in 1968.

A new translation project in Khmer started in 1968. But it was interrupted in 1975, when the Khmer Rouges came to power in Cambodia and the Bible Society was forced to close down. A translation team in Paris resumed the translation project in 1985. The full Bible was completed and published in 1997.

In 1993, the Bible Society resumed its ministry in Cambodia, and a national office was formally re-established in the country.

Year Founded


List of Bibles used/translated

  • Khmer Old Version (1954)
  • Today Khmer Version (1998)
  • Khmer Standard Version (2005)
  • Khmer Digital Bible (2012)

Welcome by Chief Executive

The Bible not only lays a strong foundation of faith for Christians, but is also life-transforming. Individuals and communities have been impacted and transformed by God’s Word, as they read the Bible.

I believe that owning a Bible is the right of each individual, like any basic human right. Therefore, we seek to serve the Church by making Scripture available through Bible translation, Bible publication, and helping those who cannot read, so that each individual will discover spiritual wealth and have knowledge of God.

Cambodia Projects

Here are some projects from Cambodia.

Cambodia Prayer Requests

Pray for the team working on the revision of the Khmer Old Version. Pray that the Holy Spirit  grant them His wisdom and strength to continue to work on this project for the benefit of the Cambodian churches.