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Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (Indonesian Bible Society)

Mission & Vision

 “To make the Word of God available to all people in an easy to understand language, so that they may meet and interact with God, and experience new life.”


The Indonesian Bible Society is a Christian non-profit organization, which is present to help and support the churches, the Christian community and organizations in carrying out their task of fellowship, witness, and ministry by making available to them the Bible and portions of it. With its vision, LAI is present to translate, publish and distribute the Bible and its portions in Indonesian and in regional languages of Indonesia.

Brief History

Following the recognition of the international world for Indonesia’s sovereignty as an independent nation, several leading Christian figures in the country took the initiative to establish the Indonesian Bible Society /Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia  (LAI).

Their efforts, started since 1950, were motivated by the desire to become fully independent in making available and distributing Scriptures in Indonesia. Up to 1937, Scripture distribution was carried out by the Netherlands Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society through their respective agencies.

Both began to work together from 1 January 1938 by setting up a Bible House (Bijbelhuis) situated in Bandung, West Java. When the effects of World War II reached Indonesia, the work was handed over to an Indonesian, Wim GP Khouw, a lawyer, on 11 November 1940. In 1950, the Bible House moved to Jakarta. At that time several Indonesian leaders took the initiative in setting up an independent, national Bible Society. Officially LAI was founded on 9 Februari 1954, by memorandum of association no. 101 of Notary Elisa Pondaag. In April 1954, the Indonesian Bible Society was accepted as member no 27 of the United Bible Societies.

Year Founded

9 February 1954

List of Bibles used/translated

  • Alkitab Bahasa Indonesia
  • Alkitab Aceh
  • Alkitab Batak Angkola
  • Alkitab Batak Karo
  • Alkitab Batak Simalungun
  • Alkitab Batak Toba
  • Alkitab Minang
  • Alkitab Nias
  • Alkitab Pakpak Dairi
  • Alkitab Jawa
  • Alkitab Madura
  • Alkitab Sunda

Welcome by General Secretary

Duta Pranowo

Dear colleagues in the ministry of the South East Asian Mission Bible Societies (“SEAM-BS”),

Welcome at the SEAM-BS Website!

To achieve the purpose of the SEAM-BS, we should endeavour to make use of this media as best as possible. Through this SEAM-BS facility, I hope we will be able to increase our joint ministry.

We would like to express our thanks to BSS which is managing this SEAM-BS Website.

Wishing you all success, God bless.

Duta Pranowo

Indonesia Prayer

Pray for ways to encourage Christian youth to “Live the Word” through digital media.

Indonesia Projects

Indonesia Projects