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Mission and Vision

To make the scriptures available to all peoples, in a language they can understand, in a format they can appreciate, at a price they can afford, and to help them interact with the Word of God.

Welcome From the Chief Executive

The Bible is not only a faith foundation for Christian, but also a life-transforming Book. Individual and communities have been impacted and transformed by God’s Word, as they read the Bible.
I believe that owning a Bible is the right of each individual, like any basic human right. Therefore, it is the duty of the Bible Society to make God’s Word available everywhere and to people from every walk of life.

History of the Laos Partnership

In 1903, a Swiss missionary named Mr. Contesse began working on the first translation of the New Testament in Laotian. The first book to be translated was the Gospel of John, followed by the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, all published in 1908.
The British & Foreign Bible Society finally published the New Testament in 1926, with a first print-run of 5,000 copies, followed by the publication of the complete Lao Bible, in 1932. However, only thirty years after this first Bible translation, Lao Christians considered this work out of date, and requested a more modern translation.

A C&MA missionary named George E Roffe was appointed in the 1960s to start a new translation of the New Testament, which was completed in 1973. In the meantime, the Bible Society was established in Laos in 1965. (Société Biblique au Laos)
A new translation of the Old Testament began with a team under UBS guidance, in 1969. This translation followed UBS principles. Throughout the following years, more books were translated, and in 1979, the Roffe NT was published abroad with an incomplete Old Testament. (Incomplete due to war interrupting the project)

A revision of the Old Testament (Common Language) was undertaken in Canada in 1983.
This project was the continuation of the translation interrupted in 1975. A group of reviewers was appointed. But, the political situation made monitoring of the project difficult. The Old Testament was published in 1998, shortly followed by a revision of the New Testament, published in 2000. The Bible in Lao Common Language II was finally printed in 2001.

The latest Lao Partnership project was the Revision of the Lao Bible. After ten years of revision, a Revised Lao Version of the Lao Common language Bible was dedicated in November 2012.

Year Founded

The Bible Society was established in Laos in 1965. (Société Biblique au Laos) but was forced to close in 1975.
The Bible Society resumed the ministry in Laos in 2000. However, while waiting for the national office to be re-established, the Bible Society program is operated as partnership between United Bible Societies and the local Churches.



List of Bibles Used

  • New Testament 1973 (Roffe version)
  • Revised Laos Version Bible

Laos Projects

Here are some Laos Projects.

Laos Prayer Requests

Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout Lao.