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Mission & Vision

Mission of “Sowing God’s Word to Everyone in Everyway”.

  1. The Translation of the Bible into local languages
  2. The Publication of the Bible in many languages
  3. The Distribution of the Bible at affordable prices
  4. The Engagement with the Bible

Brief History

For almost 20  years, BSM existed as the Kuala Lumpur Auxiliary of the tri-nations Bible Society of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei until 1984 when it separated from BSSMB to form a fully national Bible Society of Malaysia. The then Auxiliary Chairman, Dr Benjamin George, managed to coax some local Christian leaders to form the first pro-tem Committee. Mr David Boler became the first President, Rev John Kovipillai ( Vice-President), Mr Diong Chin San (Hon Secretary) and Rev George Vergis ( Hon. Secretary). BSM engaged Rev Ezra Loke as its first Executive Secretary to lead and oversee the daily operation of the Society in 1986. The work of the Society became more consolidated. The revision and publication of the Bahasa Malaysia  Alkitab (Malay Bible) was undertaken under the guidance of a UBS Translation Consultant. Production of the Chinese version of Today’s Bible was also carried out. Portions of Scripture were also translated into some of the local dialects of Sabah and Sarawak. To promote the Bible Cause, the committee decided to hold a Bible Sunday each year at the local churches. Foreseeing the growing needs of space and facilities for the Society, the Bible House at Taman Damansara Kim was purchased in 1989.

The translation and publication of the Bible into the local languages and the importation and distribution of the Chinese Bibles became the main focus of BSM in the 1990’s and 2000’s. The first revision of the Bahasa Malaysia Alkitab was completed in 1996. A second revision was done in 2001. The Bidayuh Biatah New Testament was carried out and completed in 2003.  The complete Kadazan Dusun Bible was done in 1990 and a revision carried out in 2006. The Murut Tagal New Testament was completed in 1991 and the whole Bible by 2003. Other translation works involve the Rungus, Murut Timugon, the Iban (revision) and the Penan.

Year Founded

15 October 1984

List of Bibles used/ translated 

  • ALKITAB BERITA BAIK ( Bahasa Malaysia Bible)
  • SIMANYA BAUH Agah Kana (Bidayuh Biatah Bible)
  • BUUK DO KINOROHINGAN Habar dot Osonong (Kadazan Dusun Bible)
  • BALA LUK DO’ (Lundayeh/Lunbawang Bible)
  • BUP KUDUS (Iban Bible Revised)
  • RAHU NU TUHAN AHO ONSOI ( Tagal Bible )
  • NABANTUAN BAGU ( Murut Timungon NT)
  • RENGAH JIAN ( Penan NT)
  • SURAT TUHAN ( Kayan Bible )

Welcome Speech by General Secretary

Rev Dr Simon Wong Welcome to the Bible Society of Malaysia! As you browse our website, we invite you to join us in making available God’s Word to all people in a language they can understand, at a price they can afford and in a format they can appreciate.If you wish to support any of our Bible translation, publication, distribution, and Scripture engagement/Bible literacy projects, please feel free to contact us for further discussion and collaboration.

We welcome you / your church or organization to partner us in prospering the Bible cause for the glory of God.

Malaysia Projects

Big Project for Malaysia

Malaysia Prayer Requests

Pray for good and effective preparation, participation and presentation of the RCUV in Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular. Pray also for God’s presence, provision and protection for the team members and their families.