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The Bible Society of Myanmar is committed to make the BIBLE available by TRANSLATING it into the local languages while staying faithful to the original languages, PUBLISHING it in the format that is preferred locally and DISTRIBUTING it at affordable prices; thus helping the people of Myanmar in INTERACTING with the Word of God.

To implement the vision, the Bible Society of Myanmar values partnership and cooperation with the United Bible Societies, international and national Christian Organisations, other Bible agencies and national Churches.


The vision of the Bible Society of Myanmar is to transform the Myanmar people by the power of the Word of God.

Brief History

In Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), the Bible Ministry was introduced by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1889 as one of its agencies. The ministry was led by the following missionaries as the Secretary of the Bible agency until 1964.
1. Rev William Sherratt (1899-1933)
2. Rev W. H. Willans (1933-1957)
3. Rev S. V. Vincent (1957-1964)

Due to political change in 1962, all foreign missionaries had to leave the country. As a result, since 1964, the Bible ministry was reorganized as an independent and autonomous Bible Society under the leadership of national Christian leaders. The full-time national General Secretaries since 1964 are:
1. Rev U Aung Than (1964 – 1985)
2. Rev Than TunMyat (1985 – 1999)
3. Rev Dr Saw Mar Gay Gyi (2000 – 2010)
4. Rev Khoi Lam Thang (2010 – to date)

Present Officers (since 2013) are:

Chairman: Rev Dr Zaw Win
Vice Chairman: Rev Ma Ma
Treasurer: Rev Dr Saw Crainner

Year Founded


List of Bibles Used / Translated in the Country

There are 71 Scripture languages as either used or translated in Myanmar. Some were translated in Myanmar and the language is also spoken in Myanmar. At the same time, some were not translated in Myanmar but spoken and used in Myanmar.

  Language Portion NT Bible
1 Myanmar (Judson) 1815 1832 1835
Myanmar Common Language 1984 2005
2 Sgaw Kayin 1839 1843 1853
Sgaw Kayin Common Language 1995 2003
3 Pwo Kayin 1847 1852 1885
4 Shan 1871 1882 1892
5 Jinghpaw 1895 1912 1927
Jinghpaw Common Language 2006 2009
6 Mon 1843 1847 1928
7 Mara / Lakher 1912 1928 1955
8 Mizo / Lushai 1898 1916 1959
9 Lisu: Hwa 1921 1938 1968
Lisu Common Language 1986
10 Hmar 1920 1959 1968
11 Kuki 1924 1942 1971
12 Paite 1940 1951 1971
13 Kom 1954 1976
14 Tedim Chin 1915 1932 1977
15 Haka Chin 1920 1940 1978
16 Biate 1949 1985
17 Rawang 1954 1974 1986
18 Lahu 1924 1952 1989
19 Bawm Chin 1961 1977 1989
20 Falam Chin 1933 1951 1991
21 Zou Chin 1967 1992
22 Akha 1939 1968 2002
23 Siyin Chin 2002 2004
24 Wa 1934 1938 2004
25 Asho Chin 1921 1954 2008
26 Lhaovo / Maru 1940 2003 2009
27 Lacid 2006 2010
28 Ngochang 2004 2010
29 Gangte 1952 1959 2010
30 Phadei 2010
31 Pali 1827 1835
32 Lu 1921 1933
33 Lisu: Hsiahsiah 1912 1951
34 Vaiphei Chin 1917 1957
35 Khumi Chin 1935 1959
36 Pa O 1912 1961
37 Khiangmungan 1980
38 Konyak Naga 1980
39 Anal Naga 1949 1983
40 Tangkhul 1990
41 Tangsa Naga 1982 1992
42 Mro 1934 1994
43 Daai Chin 1996
44 Ngawn Chin 1951 1996
45 Zanniat Chin 1972 1997
46 Hrangkhol 1997
47 Cho Chin 1999
48 Matu 1992
49 Hawa Naga 2000
50 Salong (Mawken) 1913 2000
51 Zotung 1951 2003
52 Ta aw 2005
53 Zaiwa 1939 2009
54 Zyphe 2010
55 Kayah 1997 2010
56 Khualsim 2011 2013
57 Karen Bghai/Bwe 1857
58 Simte 1907
59 Singpho 1907
60 Maghi 1914
61 Yunnan Shan 1931
62 Khun 1938
63 Awa Khumi Chin 1939
64 Kadu 1939
65 Riang Lang 1950
66 Hallam 1960
67 Kang 2010
68 Lemi 2010
69 Lautu 2012
70 Lainong Naga 2013
71 Khongso 2014

Welcome Speech by General Secretary

GS Rev Khoi Lam ThangA warm welcome to our website. The Bible ministry in Myanmar was started in 1889 by British and Foreign Bible Society as one of its agencies. Amidst different obstacles, uncertainties and limitations in the country, the Bible Society stood firm in making God’s Word available to the people of Myanmar.

2014 marks Quasquicentennial of the Bible ministry in Myanmar and the Golden Jubilee of forming the Bible Society of Myanmar.

The population of Myanmar is estimated to be 60 million, of which about 6% are Christians. There are more than 135 sub-races and language groups recognised by the government. Among them, 71 different groups have received either the whole Bible, New Testament or portions of the Bible in their respective mother languages.

Please read about our projects. It is our sincere prayer that this page will serve as a bridge between you and our ministry for the purpose of sharing God’s Word to different ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Together, we can make difference.

Rev. Khoi Lam Thang General Secretary Bible Society of Myanmar



Contact Us

Rev Khoi Lam Thang

General Secretary

Email: bs.myanmar@gmail.com

Tel: +95 1 250 014

Address: No. 262, Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar Prayer

Pray for the Myanmese Youth Scripture Engagement project; that the lives of many young people will be touched by the Word. Please pray for the meaningful celebration of the Bible Day which falls on the third week of August in and outside the country, Please Pray for the conversion bill which is a new challenge for Christian missions. Also pray that we may claim the clear title of Bible Society’s land and building. Please pray for lasting peace between ethnic groups as well as different faiths in Myanmar.


Myanmar Projects

Bible Ministry Promotion Workshop

Bible Ministry workshops have been successful in Myanmar. Many church leaders, members and even youth from different denominations participate in these workshops, and have become more involved in Bible ministry. In 2014, we will be conducting three Bible Ministry workshops in two strategic towns, one of which is Loikaw, located in Southern Myanmar. Through these workshops, we will be able to effectively meet the Scripture needs in Myanmar.

Bible Competition

Each year, over 400 young people from various denominations participate in the Bible Competition, which includes Bible recitations and a Bible quiz. This year, the Bible competition was held as part of the Myanmar Baptist Convention. It impacted the lives of many young people, as they were transformed by the Word of God.

 Bible Day Programme

The third Sunday of August is designated as Bible Day. The Bible Society of Myanmar encourages churches and fellowships, both within Myanmar and abroad, to observe Bible Day meaningfully with a worship program in which special prayers and contributions are made for Bible ministry.

In order for churches and organizations to plan and participate in this special day, we produce a booklet that highlights information and challenges of Bible ministry in Myanmar. It also includes a Bible study and a message on the year’s theme – this year’s is “The Word of God: To Teach and To Preach”. On Bible Day, ministers from member churches of different denominations also represent the Bible Society in churches in Yangon and other districts, where they share about the Bible ministry whilst preaching a message.

Every year, about 4,000 churches and Christian Organizations observe Bible Day.  The Seventh Day Adventist church observes Bible Day on the sabbath day nearest to the third Sunday of August. Contributions on Bible Day from churches have increased every year.

Pre-Bible Day Programmes

The Pre-Bible Day programmes are song, poetry and article competitions based on the theme of the year. Every year the song competition and Bible competition draws over 2,500 talented young people to participate in the programme.

Ongoing Projects

Distributing Scripture for 5 Different Languages of Bible-hungry people in Myanmar

Project Summary: Myanmar,a country with about 60 million people, under military rule for the past 50 years, and having a Buddhist majority has been facing a scarcity of Scripture. In spite of such a difficult situation, churches are continually growing and truth seekers are increasing, especially among the minority groups. This project is to provide 32,000 copies of Scripture to 5 different languages namely: Myanmar, Khumi, Cho, Siyin and Hawa Naga.

Target Audience: Bible hungry Christians of 5 different language groups  who are facing political and economic change.

Engaging 9,000 Youth with the Word of God

Project Summary: This project is to introduce Bible reading and the Bible study habit to 9,000 young people, so thta they will experience a lasting difference in their lives.

Target Audience: Youth

Advocating the Bible Through Different Printed Materials

Project Summary: This project is to reach people regardless of age and faith background with different Bible-based products. The products include selections including Easter,Christmas and special issues, Christians’ Diary (with daily Bible reading chart), Scripture Calendar (small and medium – with daily Bible reading chart) and a Year Planner (with daily Bible reading chart). The Calendar, Year Planner and Dairy are effective ways to encourage a daily Bible reading habit.

Target Audience: People regardless of faith.

Translation Projects

We are implementing the following Bible translation projects:

Current Translation Projects

  1. Lautu New Testament
  2. Geba New Testament
  3. Mro New Testament
  4. Pao Old Testament
  5. Ngawn Chin Old Testament
  6. Zo Chin Old Testament
  7. Zotung Chin Old Testament
  8. Zaiwa Old Testament
  9. Zanniat Chin Old Testament
  10. Hawa Naga Old Testament (Type Setting)
  11. Khumi Chin Old Testament (Type Setting)
  12. Jinghpaw New Testament Study Bible
  13. Lhaovo New Testament Study Bible
  14. Lacid New Testament Study Bible
  15. Myanmar Judson Bible Revision
  16. Sgaw Kayin Bible Study bible
  17. Sgaw Kayin Bible Revision
  18. Siyin Chin Bible Revision

Upcoming Translation Projects

We are expecting to start the following Bible translation project by 2015

  1. Khualsim Chin Old Testament
  2. Khumi Chin New Testament
  3. Zophe Old Testament
  4. Lemi New Testament
  5. Aki New Testament
  6. Haka Chin New Testament (RSV)