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To localise the global Bible Mission and internalise global best practices.


Our mission is to bring God’s Word to all people by making it available (through the work of translation and publishing), accessible (through distribution and literacy programmes) and credible (through engagement and advocacy of the Word of God).

Brief History

We thank God for His Sovereign hand that guided Raffles to establish the settlement in Singapore in 1819. Just four years later, it was reported to BFBS:

“Dr Morrison has communicated … the cheering information, that 1,000 Chinese New Testaments had just been applied for by the missionaries of a new settlement formed at Sincapore in the year 1819.”

This started the Bible mission work in Singapore and one could also say, the distribution of Chinese Scripture here.

BFBS granted Morrison and other missionaries in Malacca the 1000 pounds needed to print the Chinese Scripture.

Sir Stamford Raffles and Dr Robert Morrison also advocated strongly for a permanent Agent to be sent to Singapore to advance the Bible Society’s work here. While an Agent was not appointed until 1882, the work continued to flourish as it was not dependent on any one person. The early Bible mission work was supported by men and women from various parts of the body all working in unity to spread the good news through the work of translation, publishing, distribution, literacy programmes and engagement.

It is heartening to see that by God’s grace, more than 190 years later, the work of The Bible Society of Singapore continues today, not only to make the Word available (through translation and publishing) and accessible (through distribution and literacy programmes) but also to show that the Word is credible (through engagement and advocacy).

Year Founded


Welcome by Chief Executive

ezekiel_bannerAt The Bible Society of Singapore, we hold fast to God’s Word as mentioned in John 1:14 (ESV), “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth”. We believe that we can meet the needs of our societies when people receive the Living Word in their hearts. This is why we endeavour to bring the Bible to all peoples, using various methods present in today’s society.

We consider the work of The Bible Society of Singapore as vital in bringing transformation in our nation and the regions around. Placed in a strategic location, we are called to be an Antioch of Asia to work in partnership with our sister societies in Southeast Asia (SEA Mission) and support them in any means possible.

This page includes a brief history of our beginnings and some of our current projects. I hope it will encourage you to be involved in our work in Singapore, the region and around the world.

Thank you for your interest in Bible Missions. Your support in prayer, donation or voluntary work is genuinely appreciated – it enables us to continue with the Bible mission work that started more than two hundred years ago.



Contact Us

Ezekiel Tan

General Secretary

Email: info@bible.org.sg

Tel: +65 6337 3222

Address: 7 Armenian Street, Bible House, Singapore 179932

Singapore Prayer

  1. Pray for the set-up and development of our advocacy efforts; that they may be effective, productive and fruitful.
  2. Pray for our various engagement programmes; that believers from all walks of life will participate in studying the Word through various ways and effectively apply biblical principles in their home, work, personal and social lives.
  3. Pray for the Bible mission trips and Bible land tours; that the trippers will be safe and both the trippers and beneficiaries of the trips will be blessed.

Singapore Projects

Free FA 2 path-ok.fh11Free on the Inside (Prison Bible, Chinese Edition)

Project Objective: Collaborate with Prison Fellowship Singapore to publish 3,000 copies of Free On The Inside, in Chinese Union Version, large print format.

Project Summary: This is a follow-up to the English edition of Free On The Inside published in April 2012.  Due to the dim lighting in confinement, the Bible needs to be printed on special paper and in large print.  Notes of encouragement and advice on following Christ will continue to be included to bring hope to inmates, offering them a chance to transform their lives and claim the freedom God has promised through Christ.

Target Audience: Prison inmates in all the prisons in Singapore

NIV-OverseasFilipinoWorkers (T-UP)NETFIL Bible for Overseas Filipino Workers (Tagalog and English Edition)

Project Objective: Collaborate with Network of Filipino Churches in Singapore (NETFIL) to print and distribute Bibles to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Singapore.

Project Summary: As of 2012, there are 172,690 Filipinos living in Singapore, with nearly 50% working as domestic helpers1.  These OFWs in Singapore often struggle with homesickness and financial concerns. By putting a Bible in their hands, we hope to offer them spiritual comfort and wisdom.

Target Audience: Filipino domestic workers, hospital workers, hotel workers etc. in Singapore


NIV32 - ACS (Junior)-BiblesForMissionSchsBibles for Mission Schools

Project Objective: Print and distribute 5,000 copies of the Bible to mission schools, which will include a gospel presentation and notes to reach out to them.

Project Summary: God has given us opportunities to share Christ with students in mission schools. Even if we cannot touch each and every student individually, we hope that the Bible which each  of them receives will speak to them at opportune times and encourage them to turn to Christ.

Target Audience: Students in mission schools in Singapore


MRL 2013 Eng Path.fh11Easter and Christmas Selections

Project Objective: Print and distribute 40,000 copies each of the Easter and Christmas selections (in English, Chinese and Tamil language).

Project Summary: Good Friday, Easter and Christmas are the three most prominent holidays associated with Christianity. Many churches take these opportunities to conduct evangelistic events to reach out to their communities. BSS supports the churches by providing selections specific to these holidays to aid in their evangelistic outreach.

Target Audience: Pre-believers

Story of Jesus Christ (English) T-UPThe Story of Jesus Christ Booklet for the Next Generation (English, Chinese and Tamil Editions)

Project Objective: Print and distribute 50,000 copies of David C Cook’s The Story of Jesus Christ (English – 20,000 copies, Chinese – 20,000 copies and Tamil – 10,000 copies).

Project Summary: This 24-page booklet presents the story of Jesus Christ in comic format, beginning with the story of creation and listing down the steps to salvation.  Churches can use this resource to effectively share the gospel with children and youths.

Target Audience: English, Chinese and Tamil-speaking children and youths


TWAM Layout single pageTeasers with a Message – Gift of Life Booklet for the Next Generation

Project Objective: Print and distribute 5,000 copies of Teasers with a Message – Gift of Life.

Project Summary: This little booklet presents the gospel in a non-confrontational manner using six teasers which subtly bring out the gospel message. By working through the puzzles, readers will be prompted to think about the meaning of life and invited to start a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Target Audience: Youths and young adults


Bible Literacy Programmes

Project Objective: Advocate holistic engagement and interaction with the Scriptures.

Project Summary: The Bible Mission aims not just to make God’s Word available, but also to help believers understand and grow in the Word.  The Sower Institute for Biblical Discipleship, a ministry of BSS, conducts programmes and conferences to help Christians strengthen their knowledge and application of the Word. To make these available to as many Christians as possible, such programmes are heavily subsidised. Our challenge is to keep these programmes affordable even in the midst of rising operational costs.

Target Audience: Believers who wish to grow in holistic Scripture engagement

Bible Advocacy Initiatives

Project Objective: Espouse biblical values in opinion-forming and decision-making, especially for believers in the public square, in partnership with Christian agencies and organisations.

Project Summary: Bible Advocacy focuses on how the Scriptures are presented or perceived in public. Wisdom and experience is crucial since it involves ministry in the public arena.  To this end, BSS is initiating the following platforms for Asian “movers and shakers” to congregate and collaborate:

  • ETHOS Centre for Public Christianity – a think-tank collaboration with the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) and Trinity Theological Collage (TTC)
  • Inaugural Asia Bible Advocacy Conference (ABAC)

Target Audience: Public opinion-formers and decision-makers

C.A.R.E. Languages Peoples Ministries Centre

Project Objective: Reach out to the three language-based groups (Chinese, Indian, Bahasa) and seven people-based groups (Next Generation/Children, Social Concerns, Women, Sports, Marketplace, Elderly, Catholics) in Singapore and the South East Asia region.

Project Summary: Springing from 1 John 3:18 to “love not (only) in word or talk but also in deed and in truth”, BSS seeks to reach out to these segments of the community in tangible and practical ways via CARE LPMC.  Working with churches/partners with the same vision, BSS provides Bible resources, ministry support and venues at highly subsidised rates.

Target Audience: Pre-believers in the different groups

Mission Support to UBS Mission Resource Hub in Singapore (UBS Hub)

Project Objective: Be a resource partner for the UBS Hub in Singapore, Institute of Computer-Assisted Publishing (UBS ICAP), UBS China Partnership (UBS CP) and ASEAN Bible Societies.

Project Summary: Singapore is blessed to be one of the more economically developed countries in South East Asia and BSS is more than willing to help serve UBS beyond its shores. Thus far, BSS renders support in terms of publishing expertise (our Publishing Director gives 20% of his time to UBS ICAP), IT (BSS helps to maintain IT infrastructure at the Hub), financial matters (accounting support to SEA Mission Bible Societies and remittance support to UBS CP in SEA) and administrative matters (coordination of meetings and hosting of UBS delegates in Singapore).

Target Audience: UBS Hub in Singapore, UBS ICAP, UBS CP and ASEAN Bible Societies

Development of Communications and Mission Awareness for Southeast Asia Affinity Group

Project Objective: Set up a Communications Resource Centre to help Bible Societies in the region better position themselves as mission organisations and enhance their fundraising capabilities.

Project Summary: Come 2015, ASEAN countries will be integrated into one “borderless” Economic Community.  Bible societies in the region also plan to work more closely to advance the Bible Mission among the rapidly growing churches in South East Asia.  The South East Asia Affinity Group aims to gather and promote the sharing of tools and resources so that each Bible Society is better served.

Target Audience: Bible Societies in South East Asia, and any resource mobilising Bible Society involved in South East Asian outreach

Colours of the Bible

Project Objective: Create awareness of history in Scripture through art.

Project Summary: Colours of the Bible is an art competition organised by BSS and the Embassy of Israel. This year’s inaugural competition theme was “Celebrating Biblical Feasts and Festivals with Art”. The competition encourages participants to engage with the Bible in a creative way, and also promotes cultural exchange. This enables people in Singapore and Israel to learn more about each other’s societies, while gaining a deeper understanding of Scripture.

Target Audience: People from all walks of life