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SEA Mission Prayer Requests

The following prayer requests have been submitted by SEA Mission member societies:

Brunei Prayer

Please pray for favour and open doors as we try to meet the Scripture needs of the local Christian community by bringing in biblical resources for the Bible Resource Centre in Miri, Brunei.

Cambodia Prayer Requests

Pray for the team working on the revision of the Khmer Old Version. Pray that the Holy Spirit  grant them His wisdom and strength to continue to work on this project for the benefit of the Cambodian churches.

Indonesia Prayer

Pray for ways to encourage Christian youth to “Live the Word” through digital media.

Laos Prayer Requests

Pray for the Gospel to spread throughout Lao.

Malaysia Prayer Requests

Pray for good and effective preparation, participation and presentation of the RCUV in Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular. Pray also for God’s presence, provision and protection for the team members and their families.

Myanmar Prayer

Pray for the Myanmese Youth Scripture Engagement project; that the lives of many young people will be touched by the Word. Please pray for the meaningful celebration of the Bible Day which falls on the third week of August in and outside the country, Please Pray for the conversion bill which is a new challenge for Christian missions. Also pray that we may claim the clear title of Bible Society’s land and building. Please pray for lasting peace between ethnic groups as well as different faiths in Myanmar.


Nepal Prayer

Nepal Prayer

Philippines Prayer

Pray that God will continue to strengthen existing partnerships and make them mutually encouraging. Pray also that the Bible be made available and accessible to thousands of poor Filipino households. May the Lord open more doors for partnerships among the corporate and business groups in the country.

Singapore Prayer

  1. Pray for the set-up and development of our advocacy efforts; that they may be effective, productive and fruitful.
  2. Pray for our various engagement programmes; that believers from all walks of life will participate in studying the Word through various ways and effectively apply biblical principles in their home, work, personal and social lives.
  3. Pray for the Bible mission trips and Bible land tours; that the trippers will be safe and both the trippers and beneficiaries of the trips will be blessed.

Thailand Prayer

Here are some prayer pointers for Thailand.

Vietnam Prayer

Pray for peace in Vietnam and for His protective cover over the staff and their family members.